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03 December 2020 17:00-17:45

Down to Earth Dialogues 4 - with Matthew Gibney & Sarah Teather

The COVID-19 pandemic has become a defining event of the 21st century. Academic thinking and research are providing new ideas and tools for us to move forward. But how realistic are these? Do they offer practical solutions for concrete challenges? How do they correspond with the stories and experiences of those actually working with affected communities?

This year, the Institute is hosting four online events called the Down to Earth dialogues. Their distinctive contribution is to bring cutting-edge academic research into dialogue with the concrete perspectives of policy-makers and practitioners. They provide a unique opportunity to challenge, enrich and refine current academic thinking on the post-COVID world by bringing it into conversation with those who are on the ground and in the midst of the trouble.

This fourth and final dialogue will be between:

  • Professor Matthew Gibney (University of Oxford) 
  • Sarah Teather (Director of the Jesuit Refugee Service)

It will explore the politics of asylum and refugee protection in the post-COVID global context.

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Why should I participate in this event?

  • Presents a unique forum to observe dialogue at the interface of academic and practitioner thinking.
  • Offers contributions from important voices from the Vatican, from faith agencies and from the Global South.
  • Provides an opportunity for live questions and feedback from you. 

This dialogue will take place on Thursday 3rd December at 17.00 GMT.