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17 May 2022 13:30-15:00

Philosophy, Ethics, Theology & The New Science of Gene Drives

This panel discussion is offered as part of the Contestations in Land and Agriculture conference held at Christ Church College in Oxford from 16 – 18 May. To learn more about the conference and to register to attend the full conference in person, please see the conference website here.

Format: In person (Christ Church, University of Oxford) or Online (via Zoom)

Speakers: Peter Scott, Johanna Jauernig, Jonathan Pugh. There will be the opportunity for the online audience to engage with Q&A with the panellists

Action: Register for free. For those attending in person, more details about venue will follow. For those attending online, we will send the Zoom link before the event.

Content: Synthetic gene drives using CRISPR-Cas9 can be applied for the control of insect species that cause damage to native animals, to ecological systems, to food security, and to human health, especially in the Global South. But do current frameworks provide sufficient understanding and regulation of gene drive organisms, or are these conceptually and biologically novel? This panel will introduce and deepen analysis of these questions from the perspective of philosophy, ethics and theology.