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Global Laudato Si' Research Network

As a research institute oriented toward promoting socio-ecological transformation, the Laudato Si’ Research Institute seeks to activate the Global Laudato Si' Research Network, a network of academic centres/institutes and individuals involved in research that uses integral ecology as its working paradigm. This paradigmatic approach recognises that our environmental crisis is an entanglement of social and ecological issues that requires a multidisciplinary and context-sensitive approach that engages religious perspectives in order to foster socio-ecological change.

Advancing Knowledge and Connecting Research to Practice

With the twin goals of advancing knowledge and connecting research to practice, the Global Laudato Si' Research Network (GLSRN) seeks to serve the academic community by facilitating connections between researchers across the disciplines and by coordinating focused research projects into our socio-ecological problems. Through collaborative projects in partnership with practitioners, the GLSRN will enable researchers to contribute to efforts that address the root causes of our ecological crisis and to have an impact on the lives of people and the planet.

The GLSRN will encourage research that intentionally brings scholars from the Global South into collaborative relationships with scholars in the Global North. Through its program of coordinated activities and projects, the GLSRN aims to foster among its members a deeply collaborative mode of working that crosses disciplines, institutions, and national and territorial boundaries in the interests of our common home.

By connecting researchers to the people, organisations, and networks from civil society and faith communities engaged in the work of overcoming the socio-ecological crisis, the research itself can become grounded in the world’s global challenges in a continuous feedback loop that leads to new directions in research and new possibilities for practical action.

In beginning to break down the barriers between diverse forms of knowledge, members of the GLSRN hope to foster a more integrated approach to socio-ecological concerns that includes rather than marginalises theological, philosophical, and religious perspectives. The integral ecology approach, while being rooted in theological commitments, remains open to collaboration with those of other faiths (and none) who share a commitment to eco-social transformation.

Join the Network

If you would like to learn more about the network or join the growing community of research scholars at the GLSRN, please contact Becky Artinian-Kaiser (

GLSRN Leadership Team

GLSRN Advisory Board

Denise Humphreys Bebbington, Clark University, Massachusetts, USA
Emilio Chuvieco, University of Alcalá, Spain
Emmanuel Katongale, University of Notre Dame, USA
Ernst Conradie, University of the Western Cape, South Africa
Fabien Revol, Université Catholique de Lyon, France
Gerard Kevin Whelan SJ, Pontifical Gregorian University, Rome, Italy
Guillermo Kerber, Atelier Oecuménique de Théologie, Switzerland
Jacqui Remond, LISTEN and Global Catholic Climate Movement, Australia
Jaime Tatay Nieto, Universidad Pontificia Comillas, Spain
Jeremy Kidwell, University of Birmingham, UK
Nancy Tuchman, Loyola University Chicago, USA
Prathivadi Anand, University of Bradford, UK
Sharon Bong, Monash University, Malaysia
Upolu Luma Vaai, Pacific Theological College, Fiji