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This research project is led by Séverine Deneulin in collaboration with Diego Sánchez-Ancochea at the Oxford Department of International Development. It is currently in its initial design stage.

Inequality and Care for the Earth

The pursuit of human flourishing for all in balance with ecosystems is today’s greatest moral and policy imperative. Yet, the pursuit of these two objectives often remain in tension. Under what conditions are concerns for social equity and care for the Earth addressed jointly, and under what conditions are they in tension? The aim of this comparative research project is to examine through selected territorially-based case studies which conditions bring tensions and synergies between these two objectives or further undermine them. It looks at four sets of conditions: 1) the interaction between the macro and micro policy level of governance; 2) the interaction between nature and humans, especially in relation to water and land; 3) the interaction between narrative framing and policy decisions; 4) the interaction between social, economic and policy actors involved in the territory.

For the moment, this is an informal research group which meets monthly. We are working at an edited publication and are exploring funded research in the area.

Project Team

Séverine Deneulin

Director of International Development

Carlos Zepeda

Assistant Director in Policy and Practice