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Integral Ecology in the Roman Catholic Church

Key Details

Guardians of Creation Project
Climate Change

This research project seeks to apply principles of integral ecology via engagement with UK Catholic communities.

Our work begins in acknowledgement of our shared responsibility for global climate injustices. It then seeks to map how a religious institution can respond in solidarity via practical changes to its own buildings, resources and activities.

Our partner in this research project is the Catholic diocese of Salford in the UK. Initially focusing on over 100 parishes and 200 schools in this diocese , alongside religious communities and other Catholic properties, our researchers are looking at how these institutions can best reach carbon neutrality. They are aiming to secure practical outcomes in terms of the diocese’s carbon footprint and improved energy efficiency and generation, but also to facilitate greater involvement from parishioners and local communities.

This research project has already resulted in a number of published reports in relation to buildings and carbon accounting, with more to follow.