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All our research work follows a defined trajectory.

First, we seek to discern concrete needs. We engage with and document the voices of vulnerable and silenced communities, from regions of the world that are often marginalised within mainstream western academia. We also take care to heed the voices of "non-human" as well as human actors.

Our specific research projects take this discernment forward in an integrated way. We call upon the internal resources of our own research team, of our Fellows and Affiliates, and of academics within the University of Oxford and elsewhere. But we also seek to engage in partnership with local communities and institutions who are able to provide information and insights from the ground.  

Finally, our work always leads to concrete outputs. This can range from the development of specific policy engagement tools to the impacting of local practices on the ground. Our work frequently entails the curation of events and networks engaging academics with policymakers and civil society. 

Some of our current research projects are described below: