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Event | 08 March 2022 16:00-17:00

Contestations in Land and Agriculture: Historical and Geopolitical Case-Studies (Seminar 4)

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Christ Church Library, Upper Floor
Environmental Ethics
Social Justice

Please note that this event has passed.

Seminar 1 - with Dr Dafydd Mills Daniel

The Laudato Si' Research Institute and the McDonald Centre are jointly hosting a seminar series analysing contemporary and historic land contestations from the perspective of political philosophy, theology, ethics, and international development.

Title: The Enlightenment and the Value(s) of Land Ownership
Speaker: Dr Dafydd Mills Daniel, Theology & Religion, University of Oxford
This talk will explore two competing moral and political discourses of land value - concerning both the value of owning it and the values that should be possessed by those who own it - in the Enlightenment era: civic humanism and political liberalism. It will explore how these two alternative discourses are brought together in both (1) British Enlightenment rationalist moral theology and (2) some contemporary political discussions of the value of, and values in, land use and ownership. Consequently, it will be argued that the first is in a position to contribute to the second.

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