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Religious sculpture with a cross in his hand on the holy mountain in Bogota. Credit: Ingrid A Grants,  Shutterstock

Faith-Based Participation in Natural Resource Governance

Key Details

Faith-based Communities
Natural Resources
Climate Change
Latin America

Since the turn of the millennium, there has been an increasing interest in the role of faith communities in development processes. However, little is known about the role they play in natural resource governance disputes, and the mechanisms through which they influence natural resource governance. What are the factors which lead some faith communities to develop strategies to defend the rights of rural, low-income, and Indigenous communities in natural resource governance disputes? This research project seeks to gain a greater understanding of faith communities as civil society actors in natural resources governance disputes in Brazil, Colombia, and Mexico. It analyses in particular their role in shaping the civic space, and to the resources they mobilize, whether at the discourse or organizational level, to resolve disputes. This research project is conducted in partnership with the Faith & Sustainability Initiative of the World Resource Institute, and is funded by the Natural Resources and Climate Change Program of the Ford Foundation. The research findings will be published in the form of a report which will also include recommendations for specific future capacity building and local interventions. The project runs from November 2022 to April 2024