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Event | 14 October-15 October 14:00-15:30

Listen to Earth Roundtable 2: Climate and the Water-Food-Energy Nexus

Key Details

Climate Change
Integral Ecology

From climate change extremes and skyrocketing inequality to the global Covid-19 pandemic and biodiversity loss, the Earth is suffering from multiple but interconnected crises that are the result of human activities.

The Listen to Earth Roundtables are six online dialogues to explore our collective human experiences, knowledge and wisdom, the challenges, diagnoses, and potential collaborative solutions to the current planetary crisis that is both social and ecological. The roundtables focus on three areas of climate change: biodiversity, the water-food-energy nexus, and the pathways to solutions based on solidarity and nature.

The roundtables aim to offer a friendly, transdisciplinary space where people from different backgrounds, regions, and contexts gather to listen and share stories, testimonies, and anecdotes of socio-ecological change that have taken place in biomes, territories, and places affected by climate change.

Roundtable One: Climate and Biodiversity

Day 1: Deep Listening
To share testimonies on the challenges, diagnoses and potential collaborative solutions to the climate change and biodiversity crisis and its socio-ecological roots.

Day 2: Brainstorming
To brainstorm potential collaborations to help inspire innovative transdisciplinary research and policies and practices to face the root causes of the climate and biodiversity crisis.

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