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News | 16th September 2022

Celia Deane-Drummond Awarded Civitas Dei Medal

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Earlier this year, LSRI Director Celia Deane-Drummond received the Civitas Dei Medal, awarded by Villanova University. The award honors “Catholics who, through their work, have made exemplary contributions to the Catholic intellectual tradition and the pursuit of truth, beauty and goodness.”

In the announcement of the award, Villanova University stated: “That the contributions of Deane-Drummond are exceptional is due in no small part to her holding doctorates in two distinct fields: plant physiology and theology. She draws on this wealth of knowledge and wisdom in her current roles as the inaugural director of the Laudato Si’ Research Institute and a senior research fellow in Theology at Campion Hall, University of Oxford. She is also a visiting professor of Theology and Science at Durham University.”

"The Civitas Dei Medal takes its name from the Latin title of St. Augustine’s City of God. With her ability to blend secular and theological thought and imagine possibilities for a better world, Deane-Drummond personifies the ideal citizen envisioned in Augustine’s masterpiece."

Following the presenting of the medal by Villanova University President Peter Donohue, Celia delivered a lecture entitled “Imagining the World Differently: The Gospel of Creation and Ecological Responsibility".

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