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01 March 2021

Dr Séverine Deneulin on Voice of Islam Radio

Dr Séverine Deneulin, Director of International Development at LSRI, was recently invited to speak on the Voice of Islam’s Breakfast Show.

Speaking on the topic of religious harmony, Séverine discussed her research work on interfaith in the context of social justice, sustainability, and development. She shared her observation that all faith groups have much in common when it came to social issues such as integrating the poor and preserving our common home. She also stressed the importance of religious harmony in the face of the current climate crisis.

“At the heart of it, we are all human. Religious traditions have a certain understanding of what it is to be human, that we fulfill ourselves as human beings in our relationships of love with each other and with nature. Modern secularism has a similar drive, to look at what it is to be human and to respond to our responsibilities to each other. Given the climate emergency, this is what can unite us. We are all humans together, sharing a common home. If you look at what unites us rather than what divides us, these conflicts will resolve themselves if we focus on our common humanity.”

Listen to the full interview here. Séverine appears from 57:50.