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News | 1st June 2021

The Great Transition Guide translated for English-speaking audience

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Integral Ecology

Séverine Deneulin, Director of International Development at the LSRI, led the adaptation for the English-speaking audience of the abridged version of Le Manuel de la Grande Transition: Former pour Transformer (The Great Transition Guide: Principles for a Transformative Education), originally published in French in October 2019 as an initiative of the Transition Campus.

As the name indicates, The Great Transition Guide highlights the urgent need for us to change the way we live (how we consume, travel, manufacture, spend our free time etc.) in order to address the pressing social and environmental crises we face today. The book is intended to be a start-up resource to help universities and programmes approach this Great Transition by providing a concrete tool to build a foundation of knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary for the ecological and social transition. The book presents six chapters, called “gates”, each of which corresponds to a way of approaching the transition, from identifying the scientific, factual or ethical issues, to guidance for concrete action.

Read The Great Transition Guide for free here