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News | 29th November 2023

LSRI Appoints New Agro-Ecology Research Intern at Bethany Land Institute

Key Details

Integral Ecology

Photo of Jordan Rydman, new research internThe Laudato Si' Research Institute is pleased to announce the appointment of Jordan Rydman as the agro-ecology research intern at the Bethany Land Institute (BLI), Uganda. This unique internship, spanning from January to June 2024, will be supervised by Professor Emmanuel Katongole of the University of Notre Dame, US.

Jordan’s appointment presents an exciting opportunity to contribute to practice-oriented research. During the internship, she will play an important role in the monitoring and evaluation of an agro-ecology training and formation programme with an integral ecology lens.

Jordan is a recent graduate from the University of Freiburg. Her academic interests revolve around the role of agro-ecology in addressing climate injustice issues related to precarious work, cultural distribution conflicts, climate migration, human health, and gender inequalities.

On her new appointment, Jordan says, “Agro-forestry and integral ecology are some of those rare systems that, as an environmental social scientist, I uncompromisingly and wholeheartedly believe in. The practice itself and its obvious positive impacts on the environment and people gives me a powerful sense of climate optimism. This project sits at the nexus of many of the most pressing socio-ecological issues today, and I am eager to contribute to the application of much-needed solutions while gaining the insight and experience that will guide my decision making for these next big steps in my research career."

Director of International Development Séverine Deneulin says, “We are delighted to welcome Jordan as our Research Intern. We believe her research and interdisciplinary background and her passion for climate justice makes her an ideal candidate for contributing to the joint mission of the LSRI and BLI in addressing the climate and biodiversity crisis from an integral ecology lens. We hope she will find this experience valuable in helping to guide her future endeavours.”