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24 November 2021

Prof John Berkman discusses Christian Animal Ethics at the Centre Sèvres, Paris

Professor John Berkman, Visiting Research Fellow at the Laudato Si’ Research Institute, will be traveling to Paris this week to discuss his 2019 paper: Devons-nous aimer les animaux non-humains ? Une perspective thomiste après Laudato Si (trans. Should we love non-human animals? A Thomistic perspective in light of Laudato Si’) with members of the Philosophy and Theology faculties at the Centre Sèvres, Paris.

The Centre Sèvres is a Jesuit institute of higher education and research sponsored by the province of France, Belgium and Luxembourg. It trains Jesuits, religious and lay people of all nationalities, and delivers canonical diplomas under the authority of the Holy See.

Following this, Professor Berkman will be presenting on the topic Developing a Theological Ethology as part of a wider three-day colloquium that seeks to explore and advance Christian theological reflection in the animal ethics debate.

As part of his Visiting Fellowship programme with the LSRI, Professor Berkman recently delivered a public lecture on the issues of land rights for First Nations in Canada. You can find out more and view a recording of the lecture here.