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News | 12th October 2023

Two Traditions, One Mission: New Publication Explores Christian-Muslim Dialogue on Care for the Poor and for the Earth

Key Details

Social Justice

Cover book imageIn a world grappling with socio-ecological challenges, concerns for the poor, the vulnerable, and the marginalised have never been more important. A new special issue of Religion and Development, “Care for the Poor, Care for the Earth: Christian-Muslim Dialogue on Development”, edited by LSRI Director of International Development, Séverine Deneulin, and Masooda Bano, Professor of Development Studies at the University of Oxford, explores how these concerns are central to Christian and Muslim religions.

Focusing on Catholic and Sunni traditions, the publication delves into how each understands the relationship between love of God/love of neighbour and the different organisational structures and practices which express this love. It also highlights the similarities and differences in teachings, organizational structures, and historical and social contexts within these traditions, and concludes by outlining some areas of mutual learning.

Séverine comments, “Putting together this special issue has been an ongoing path of discovery and appreciation of the richness of each tradition. This is just the beginning of a shared intellectual journey to address the biggest challenge humanity has ever faced.’

The publication is Open Access and can be read here.