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Timothy Howles

Key Details

Job title:
Associate Director

Tim is Associate Director of the Institute, a wide-ranging role including support for research programming, research grants, the visitor and affiliate programme, and academic events. His research interests lie at the intersection of politics and theology, with a focus on Earth System Science. He provides teaching in the Faculty of Theology & Religion and in the School of Geography & the Environment at the University of Oxford, and has contributed to a transdisciplinary project exploring the role of environmental social sciences and humanities in the UK higher education sector.

Tim grew up in Birmingham and remains a committed supporter of West Bromwich Albion football club. He now lives in Oxford with his wife and two children. He is also an ordained Anglican priest and continues to engage in ministry in his local church. His only claim to fame is that he was a contestant on the television programme “University Challenge” when he was as student. He refuses to say how many questions he got right!

  • Education

    DPhil, Theology, University of Oxford
    MSt, Theology, University of Oxford
    BA, Theology, University of Oxford
    MSc, International History, London School of Economics
    MA (Cantab), English Literature, University of Cambridge

  • Research Interests

    Tim’s research lies at the intersection of politics and theology. He has a longstanding interest in Continental European philosophy and its contribution to our understanding of the current planetary crisis. His recent work focuses on what Earth System Science can offer to the disciplines of theology and philosophy.

    Tim is also a Junior Research Fellow in Political Theology at Campion Hall and an Associate Member of the Faculty of Theology & Religion, University of Oxford.

  • Selected Publications

    Howles, Timothy, 2023, The Political Theology of Bruno Latour: Globalization, Secularization and the Environmental Crisis. Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press (forthcoming).

    Howles, Timothy, 2023, ‘Michel Serres and the French Philosophy of Nature’ in Angelaki (forthcoming).

    Howles, Timothy, 2022, ‘Gas-Guzzling Gaia: James Lovelock and Neocybernetic Systems Theory’ in Critical Inquiry Vol.49, No.1, pp.113-125.

    Howles, Timothy, 2022, ‘De quel genre de pensée a-t-on besoin pour aborder la crise environnementale contemporaine? Réflexions sur la nouvelle écologie politique et sa relation à la théologie’, Vol.110, No.3, pp.503-519.

    Howles, Timothy, et al, 2020, COVID-19: Environment, Justice and the Future. Cambridge: Grove Publications.

    Howles, Timothy, 2019, 'La religion comme un élément structurel du système philosophique de Bruno Latour' in Symposium: Canadian Journal of Continental Philosophy 22.2, pp.27-42.

    Howles, Timothy, et al, 2018, 'Creating an Ecological Citizenship: Philosophical and Theological Perspectives on the Role of Contemporary Environmental Education' in The Heythrop Journal Vol. 60. No.2, pp.997-1008.