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Briefing Note | 26th January 2022

Contemplation: Exploring its Meaning and Implications


The purpose of this briefing note is to fill out a little more what our understanding of that term means in the specific context of a research institute that is committed to research excellence, while at the same time rooted in the Jesuit tradition and taking inspiration from the arguments set forth in the papal encyclical Laudato Si’. We are not proposing in this note an exhaustive account of what contemplative practice is and the many forms it takes. Rather, our aim is to highlight a few facets of contemplation in the context of our work as an academic research institute in caring for our common home. We are proposing three inter-related facets of contemplation: (1) Contemplation and wonder; (2) Wonder and paying attention; (3) Paying attention and ecological virtues. We conclude by exploring some implications of these reflections on contemplation for structuring our work and research priorities.

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