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Briefing Note | 26th January 2022

Integral Ecology in Practice: Reflections on its Key Pillars

Séverine Deneulin Carlos Zepeda | Integral Ecology


We explore the meaning and implications of the integral ecology paradigm for policy and practice. What does it mean in practical terms to pay attention to those who are most vulnerable, whether human and non-human, and to recognise the inter-connectedness of all life? Our aim is to offer some orientating guidelines for two audiences: those involved in post-graduate research on the one hand, and civil society and development organisations on the other.

The note is structured as follows. First, we critically review existing initiatives seeking to put integral ecology into practice in Catholic contexts. Second, we discuss similar initiatives in academic and policy circles, albeit these often take place under other guises, and argue that the distinctiveness of integral ecology lies in its manner of proceeding. Third, we outline some orientation guidelines for an academic context.

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